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DeafDigest – 28 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 28, 2020

— a newspaper story raises a question

A newspaper ran this headline:

volunteers translating the event into American Sign
Language to provide a more accessible platform for
deaf protesters.

Volunteer hearing people, who are not professional
interpreters – or – professional interpreters that
volunteer their time? DeafDigest hopes it is
volunteer professional interpreters. Volunteers
who are not trained interpreters may make
interpreting errors! During the Gallaudet’s
first Deaf President Now protest, the interpreters
were professionals that volunteered their time.


— hidden-face mask rules, confusing and confusion

Are deaf people required to wear masks. Some states
and some cities say yes, while others say no.
Are hearing people, trying to communicate with the
deaf, required or not required?

A newspaper headline today said:
You do not have to legally lower your mask for lip-readers

Confusing and confusion? Yes.


— teaching the deaf, past and nowadays

A teacher of the deaf said things have changed
between past years and nowadays. In the past
there were enough mainstreamed students from
small towns. Nowadays, numbers of mainstreamed
students from these small downs have gone
down. It has forced the teacher to change directions
with her teaching career.



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