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DeafDigest – 31 July 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 31, 2020

— hot selling burgers

Aris Burger stand is operated by two deaf men in
Bangi, a small town in Malaysia. The sign in front
of the stand tells the public that it is deaf-owned
and deaf-operated, and for patrons to write down
their orders in a note book. The burgers are so
popular that the note book gets full every few weeks,
and has to be replaced with a new note book!


— Silent Network returns to cable TV

Silent Network has affiliated with DATV of Dayton, OH
on the Spectrum cable network. Silent Network, which
started in 1979, has been showing programs through
broadcast, cable and satellite systems over the years.
It also shows accessible sign language programs through
Access Network.


— deaf actors’ nightmare

There have been occasions that deaf actors respond to a
casting call asking for deaf actor, only to show up
and find the interpreters not being around! It, indeed,
is a nightmare. Difficult to understand why these
producers would ask for a deaf actor without providing
an interpreter for him?



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