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DeafDigest – 03 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 3, 2020

— finally a movie after 32 years

Nyle DiMarco is producing a “Deaf President Now”
movie. This historic event took place in 1988,
and there was a buzz among some interested deaf
people on making a movie out of it. This idea
got nowhere because of issues such as funding,
legal agreements, business structure, agreements
with writers and copyright ownerships, etc. This
being said, Nyle has succeeded in what other
deaf people in the entertainment field have
failed to do so!


— a deaf daredevil

Danny Murphy, who is deaf and is just 16 years old,
is a fearless daredevel. He has cleaned outside windows
of a tall building, jumping off a bridge with a
bungee, etc. Apparently Great Britain allows these
stunts to take place because it not that easy to
get away with it in USA.


— insurance for a deaf device

Could a deaf device by covered by insurance?
Yes, in the case of hearing aids by a pet
insurer. A dog ate the deaf owner’s hearing aid,
and insurer honored the coverage. Unusual?


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