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DeafDigest – 04 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 4, 2020

— fortunate to have relay services

In USA, the deaf people are fortunate to have
relay services. This cannot be said for other
nations overseas. In one nation, appointments
to COVID-19 testing centers require voice
telephone calls. That nation lacks a relay


— tricks of a deaf farmer

In a newspaper interview, a deaf farmer explained
his bag of tricks – using eyes instead of ears
to look for problems and issues; feeling the
vibration in farm machinery; flashing signalers
and digital read outs, again in farm machinery;
using computer monitors to give updates on
his agricultural fields. And most important of
all, years of experience giving him the 6th


— deaf winner in Film Festival

Arnav Roy Choudhury, who is deaf, was voted as the
#1 animator at the Kosice International Monthly Film
Festival in Slovakia. His cartoon was judged to be
the best among his hearing competitors. The title of
his cartoon is The Open Window.


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