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DeafDigest – 05 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 5, 2020

— confession of a script writer

A hearing person, who writes scripts for theatrical
plays and movies, made this confession. He said:

I never wrote about deaf characters because I thought
hearing people would not be interested about them.
I realized I was wrong!


— deaf farmer’s issues

Yesterday’s DeafDigest ran a piece on deaf farmer’s
bag of tricks. This tale has a twist – there is no
national organization, either formal or informal,
of deaf farmers that can get in touch with each
other for tips and assistance. The few deaf farmers,
that he knows of, specialize in different things with
farming – meaning a deaf dairy farmer has nothing
in common with a deaf hogs farmer or even of
a deaf crops farmer!


— a trick with voice telephone calls

A deaf owner, of a business, used an interpreter
to make voice calls for him. These calls were
hung up too often. He then used a family
member (not an interpreter) to make these
voice business calls – and the hang ups
stopped and he started getting new customers.
Is there a difference between phone calls
by an interpreter and phone calls by a
family member? Do not know. Why wouldn’t he
use the Deaf Relay service? Again, do not


Deaf jobs – latest update

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