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DeafDigest – 06 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 6, 2020

— deaf wife of a deaf farmer

A deaf wife of a deaf farmer said that she knows
of no other deaf women in agriculture that she
could communicate about farming issues.


— New York loses case against demoted department director

Richard Natofsky, who is deaf, but functions as a hearing
person, was demoted from his job as the human resources
director of the New York Department of Investigation.
The demotion took place in 2014 due to Natofsky’s request
that employees stop covering their mouths while speaking
to him. And that the chief of staff was annoyed by
Natofsky’s speech problems. The demotion slashed his salary
by almost half. The case was settled years later with
$870,000 awarded him.


— Netflix’s research contradiction

Netflix said:

More than 80 per cent of members use subtitles or closed
captions at least once a month

Netflix is saying that many, many hearing people watch
programs with subtitles and captions. If this is true
then why do many, many hearing people hate open
captions in movie theaters?


Deaf jobs – latest update

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