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DeafDigest – 10 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 10, 2020

— hands-on training for deaf interested in science

We have many deaf people that work as scientists.
Chemistry, many years ago, was a popular major
at Gallaudet and many graduates became chemists.
Harry Lang, who is deaf, wrote several books about
the deaf in science. This being said, University of
Calicut would not allow the deaf to take hands-on science
courses. Discrimination? Yes, but that university
is located in India!


— popular hamburger chain has no timers in the kitchen

Hearing chefs and cooks depend on kitchen timers to
alert them to meals being ready to be served. One
popular hamburger chain does not believe in timers,
saying experienced kitchen staff use their eyes
to tell them food is ready. That chain is Five Guys.
Does that chain hire the deaf? Do not know.


— the NASA and the deaf

NASA has been renaming bodies in the sky (planets,
comets, novas, etc) to remove insulting names.

A list of some deaf astronomers are at:

DeafDigest thinks NASA left alone these deaf
astronomers, while changing those discovered
by hearing astronomers.


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