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DeafDigest – 11 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 11, 2020

— upsetting incident at a store

DeafDigest editor purchased supplies at
a store yesterday with his credit card.
The store clerk knew of his deafness but
never told him of the increase in
minimum credit card purchases. Too late –
the credit card was already inserted in
the machine. The upset clerk, wearing a
mask, gestured something that the editor
couldn’t understand. Was it the fault of
face masks that prevented better communications?


— attitude or lawsuits

An advocate told DeafDigest editor years ago
that some bad-attitude business owners would rather
spend a lot of money, hiring expensive attorneys
to defend a lawsuit on refusal to pay a fee for
one-time interpreting service. That difficult
for many hearing people to develop good
attitudes? Unfortunately, yes.


— public service announcement: fact or scam

Harris County, in Texas, posted a facebook
announcement, urging residents to set up
their own 911 profiles to help first
responders to know of deafness or other
medical issues. Fact announcement or a
a scam announcement? No one knew, because
the county was not forthcoming about
its announcement. Fortunately it was a fact.
Just have to be very careful when dealing
with emails, texts, facebook postings, etc
asking for Deaf Information! DeafDigest
is not joking; and if in a doubt, just don’t



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