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DeafDigest – 14 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 14, 2020

— deaf instructor at a private swimming school

SafeSplash is a nationally recognized school
that teaches safe swimming for everyone.
One of the instructors at the SafeSplash
facility in Colorado is Brian Bennett,
one of the best swimmers in Gallaudet’s
swimming history. At SafeSplash he
demonstrates the swimming strokes and tells
his hearing students to copy him stroke
for stroke. At that private school, he
won the Instructor of the Year honor.


— changing the routine rail station announcements

There are rapid rail systems in major American
cities. Many of these have read-out displays
announcing the next stops. How many of these
systems can change from next-stop announcements
to emergency announcements? This was the issue
an activist pointed out.


— a sad incident at a deaf school

New York State School for the Deaf was defaced
by graffiti on its property. The person doing
the graffiti work was:

a former student

and also

a frustrated job applicant at his alma mater

Very sad.


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