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DeafDigest – 17 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 16, 2020

— White House, we hands off

The White House has been slapped with a lawsuit
for refusing to provide interpreters during
Covid-19 press conferences. The White House
basically responded as this – we are hands off
with interpreters; we have nothing to do with it.

What about ADA? This is why we have many, many
pro-ADA and anti-ADA attorneys fighting each other!


— some hearing people think all deaf people are same

Everyone knows that two hearing people are not the
same. Yet why is it that some hearing people think
all deaf people are the same (meaning all deaf people
can lipread; all deaf people know ASL; all deaf people
are mute, etc)


— Deaf In Government

There is an organization called “Deaf In Government”
meaning federal government and it has been around
for years. These deaf employees in federal government
advocate for their promotion opportunities, captions
during training sessions and interpreters during
important meetings. At an event, a very high level
federal government administrator said:

I am not comfortable when these deaf employees
fight for their rights and needs as it was never
a problem with me


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