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DeafDigest – 18 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 18, 2020

— circuit courts vs circuit courts

No two attorneys agree on ADA. The same
goes for federal circuit court judges.
On one side is Third, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth
Federal Circuits. On the other side is the
First, Second and Seventh Federal Circuits.
One circuit, the 11th, is neutral. Smart
attorneys try to find the right Federal
Circuit court that will agree with them!
This is not a joke – rights to captions,
rights to interpreters and rights to other
things are very important to the deaf.


— cartoon music for deaf

Many deaf people try to follow the music
and are frustrated. Aaron Ziegler, not
deaf, has come up with a special series
of videos, that look like cartoons.
The characters in the videos jump around
here and there, up and down, depending
on musical beats. He was honored by
the Ohio Invention Convention for
this idea.


— simple or difficult for hearing

An interpreter suggested a list of 30 simple
gestures – such as where, restroom, follow
me, etc? This would be used by hearing people
that know nothing about ASL to try to
communicate with the deaf. Will this work?
DeafDigest has doubts. Simple gestures are
often overwhelming to some hearing people!


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