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DeafDigest – 19 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 19, 2020

— deaf correctional officer

Could a deaf person function as a correctional
officer, especially with locked up young men?
One did – it was Jack Van Natta in Pennsylvania.
He did not know ASL and functioned as a hearing
person. There was a deaf woman working as
correctional officer in Arizona; not sure if
she is still at it.


— event planner ignores the needs of the deaf

An event planner gave this advice – to make sure
the acoustics in the meeting rooms and the banquet
hall would work for the hard of hearing. Yet, not
a single word about accommodating the needs of
deaf conventioneers – visibility sightlines,
interpreters, captions, etc. Very disappointing
about ignoring the needs of the deaf.


— all-deaf kitchen staff

A kitchen staff consisting of a deaf executive chef,
deaf head chef, deaf sous chef, deaf station chef,
deaf line cooks, deaf waiters and deaf runners?
And even of deaf front hosts greeting the patrons?
Why not! There was a story of a fancy, pricey
restaurant having an all-female kitchen staff.
DeafDigest is not talking about small cafes
hiring the deaf, but of these great restaurants
doing the same!


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