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DeafDigest – 24 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 24, 2020

— deaf man lost his job because of face mask

A deaf man, who does not use sign language,
but relies on lip reading, lost his job as
a building superintendent. Why? No warning.
No explanation. Just fired, period. Does
he have ADA rights? No, if the company
has less than 15 employees. But if there
were no bad reports in his personnel file,
then he was advised to speak to a disability
rights attorney.


— a hearing aid in Lucifer

In a Lucifer TV episdoe, a detective,
looking for something, noticed a hearing
aid beep in one of the characters. Is the
character deaf, and using a hearing aid
to hear better? Or is the character using
a hearing aid as a spying device? Always
an unexplained mystery on a TV thriller!


— delivering packages in China

there was a story of 40 deaf cyclists
delivering packages in parts of Shanghai.
Some of them, in fact, deliver as many
as 300 packages in one day. Easy to deliver
packages? No. 100 deaf cyclists applied
for the job but most couldn’t make it
and gave up. The story stressed that
these deaf cyclists earn equal pay
as compaired to hearing cyclists.
USA? There was a deaf-owned delivery
company in Washington, DC during the
eighties – but the company closed up.


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