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DeafDigest – 25 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 25, 2020

— refusing to provide interpreters at news conferences

The White House has refused to provide interpreters
at Covid-19 news conferences. For that reason,
a lawsuit is pending. But it is not just only
the White House that has been refusing. Also
refusing is the BBC turning down the British
Government request to provide interpreters.
White House. BBC. Any others refusing


— ammonia production on a deaf school campus

Is there an ammonia production facility on the
campus of deaf school? There was a story in a
1920 newspaper about this such facility at
Maryland School for the Deaf! Not sure why
people thought it was OK in 1920 because
ammonia is a chemical; and chemical productions
are so dangerous if not carefully monitored.


There was a comment:

how “nervous” everyone gets around deaf people

This comment was made by Jenny Lay-Flurrie,
Microsot accessibility boss.

This comment is partly accurate. There are always
some people that are not nervous being around
deaf people.

This comment should be read as:
how “nerveous” most people gets around deaf people

The woman who made the comment is deaf.



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