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DeafDigest – 28 August 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 28, 2020

— DC Fandome vs Comic-Con

In the world of comic books and action fantasy, there
are two rival organizations – DC Fandome and Comic-Con.
What is the difference between both organizations?
Just one thing – captions and subtitles! DC Fandome
captions everything. Comic-Con doesn’t.


— formal outside training or on-job training

Many employers won’t hire the deaf, saying they
lack formal outside training. They won’t give
the deaf on-job training, yet will give hearing
applicants on-job training!


— Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration doing nothing

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has not been
doing anything to support deaf truck drivers. The same
goes for other trucking organizations, state licensing
agencies and some medical groups – which all say that
the deaf cannot become truck drivers. The deaf are
able to drive trucks right now, but the rights may
be removed – and that is scary.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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