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DeafDigest – 01 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 1, 2020

— the McDonald’s discriminations

Today’s headline said:
McDonald’s discriminates against Black franchisees, lawsuit claims

True story but not a newspaper headline many years ago:
McDonald’s discriminates against a deaf franchise applicant

In the late 1970’s, a deaf man, that functions as a hearing
person and knowing no ASL, wanted to purchase a McDonald’s
franchise. That man had a lot of money and could easily
afford these franchise start-up fees, but he was turned
down. McDonald’s basically told him a deaf person cannot
own a franchise. Upset, he went to the NAD; at that
time NAD had its own law center, and they tried to
help him win. Don’t know what happened, but there
was no ADA in these days.


— a mask loophole

The state of Indiana allows hearing coaches to take
off their masks if they have a deaf athlete on their
teams. Coaches of teams that have no deaf athletes are
not allowed to take off masks during games and practices.


— something that a deaf actor hates

Many deaf actors only get a few roles in TV episodes.
What they hate the most – is for script writers to
write them off the script! This means they cannot
come back to the same program sometime later on.
Being written off the script is common for hearing
actors, and they more likely will find other roles
in different TV programs. Not always that so with
deaf actors.



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