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DeafDigest – 07 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 7, 2020

— Zoom is bad for a deaf defendant

A deaf person, defending himself in a criminal case,
appeared on the Zoom screen in a court case. His
interpreter had serious technical issues with Zoom.
Making it worse was time lag delays; muffled voices,
and continuous attorney interruptions. Judge’s face
was also hidden from the Zoom screen. And captions
were bad. The judge, giving up, sent the case back
for future recall. The defendant later eventually agreed
for dismissal of case in exchange attendance in anger
management classes.


— interpreting a job interview

A deaf person applied for a job 24 years ago, and
got it. That person continued with the job until
recent retirement. Who served as interpreter for
the deaf person during the job interview? It was
the deaf person’s son. ADA was already six years
old, yet the employer would not hire a professional
interpreter for that interview. Fortunately for the
deaf person and the employer, it was a great hire,
never mind ADA laws were broken!


— batting average of a deaf district attorney

Janine Madera is deaf and serves as the prosecutor
in the Orange County District Attorney’s office
in California. Very challenging for the deaf in the
legal profession – but she is considered a success.
She has prosecuted 72 jury trials in 15 years and
won 58 of these cases, already an impressive batting
average. While she functions as a hearing person,
she uses an interpreter in the court room. Plus
her own bag of tricks (studying body language,
and speaking with an authoritative voice, etc).
Even with the visibility of an interpreter, many
court room observers do not realize her deafness!


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