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DeafDigest – 17 September 2020

— honoring a captioning pioneer

A tech web site ran this piece:

Emerson Romero, a deaf former silent film actor,
develops the first technique for captioning movies
with sound by splicing images with text between picture
frames, similar to the text cards of the silent film era.

While DeafDigest is not sure if Romero was the first
person to caption a movie, it is great that he is
being recognized. This task was so labor-intensive
and so time-consuming that he was only able to caption
just a few full length movies.


— American deaf child transfers to a deaf school in Canada

An American family, with a deaf child, moved from USA
to Canada. Reason was to have the deaf child attend
classes in Canada, instead of taking classes on-line.
How was this possible. The father is a Canadian citizen
hence making the move possible. The mother who is an
American, was not happy with the on-line classes in USA.


— a big reason to caption the videos

Captioning a video is hard work and time consuming.
No one likes to do it. Yes, there are auto-captions
that could do the job, but captioning accuracy
is a big issue. Anyway one important reason to
caption the video, either manually or automatically
is to locate the video easier during web searches.


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