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DeafDigest – 28 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 28, 2020

— bad Twitter news for the deaf

Many deaf people tweet their short messages
on the Twitter – and here comes the possible
bad news – that it is coming up with voice
messages? If this is the case, would these
voice messages be captioned – on top of
these text Twitter messages?


— something wrong with “What The Deaf Man Heard” movie

It has been said that the movie shown 20 years ago –
“What The Deaf Man Heard” was one of the best TV
movies ever shown. One thing wrong with it – the
main role was played by a Fake-Deaf character.
The movie should have been titled as:

What The Fake Deaf Man Heard


— bypassing the police roadblock

DeafDigest editor lives in downtown Washington, DC
and recently there was a police roadblock on the
street in front of his residence, because of a
nearby public BLM demonstration. DeafDigest
editor opened the car window, and gestured softly
“I sleep there” several times. The police officer
realized the gesture and allowed the car to go
through to enter the parking garage. Many people
fight the police and it often leads to tragic
results – but a smiling gesture, repeated several
times, should not lead to communication problems
or issues!


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