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DeafDigest – 01 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 1, 2020

— Tampa Bay Lightning hockey goalie

Andrei Vasilevsky is the goalie with the Stanley
Cup-winning Tampa Bay Lightning team. His father
(same name) coached the national deaf Russian
hockey team that competed in the Winter Deaflympics.
The story today said that the father “knows” all
of the needed gestures perfectly.

Needed gestures – meaning hockey signs for
skate hard, check hard, move around,
freeze the puck, etc


something else (players’ private language)?


— less money to fund relay services

Pretty much not good news – that the FCC
has reduced from $1.58 per minute to $1.30
per minute (for the coming year and half)
to fund deaf relay services. Hope this
does not force our relay services to
go out of business. This is worrisome.


— Forbes Magazine says so

an article in the Forbes Magazine says:

Recognize obviously insulting terms and stop
using or tolerating them

First example was this – deaf and dumb for deaf
and non-speaking or non-verbal


Deaf jobs – latest update

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