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DeafDigest – 09 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 9, 2020

— interruptions, arguments, yelling

The Preidential and the Vice Presidential
debates involved a lot of interruptions,
arguments and yelling. One thing went
wrong – deaf people knew nothing on what
was going on – for one reason – no
interpreters! Captions, yes, but again,
no interpreters. Whose fault – very
easy – the Commission on Presidential


— a big Netflix question

Deaf U is already a media sensation. Everyone
talks about it. This leads to a big Netflix
question – will there be a Deaf U Season 2?
Keep in mind Netflix, some years back, had
a history with the Deaf Community as this
media giant refused to caption their
videos. We had to force them to caption, under
the pain of a lawsuit.


— a logo or a number code

A New Jersey legislator introduced a bill to
require state Motor Vehicle Commission to
affix either a logo or a number code to
indicate the drivers’ deafness. This would
make it easier for police officers to deal
with the deaf. A logo or a number code? This
would be the choice of the deaf driver.
What is your choice?


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