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DeafDigest – 13 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 13, 2020

— captioned news delayed for five hours

Could captioned news be delayed for five hours?
Yes, and the deaf people were happy about it!
Well, in 1973 (7 years before we finally got
our closed captions), the PBS converted
ABC News into open captions. This process
took five hours.


— big reason hearing kids sing songs in ASL

ASL education is pretty much commonplace in many
public high schools and colleges. But for
St. Damian Catholic School in Illinois, there
is a big reason the students use ASL to sing
songs. Because of school Covid-19 rules,
singing is not permitted. Instead, the music
teacher uses ASL with the kids to sing songs!


— battle won, but war is not yet won

The Forbes magazine ran this headline:

How The Deaf Community Challenged The White House—And Won

The corrected headline is this:
How The Deaf Community Challenged The White House—And Won the battle

Battles won does not mean the war is won; for some reason
the White House does not support interpreters and even
if the judge ruled in favor of us, the White House,
on other and future occasions, will still find ways
to avoid interpreters. An example is no interpreters
at the debates.


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