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DeafDigest – 19 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 19, 2020

— podcasts becoming ADA-headache for media providers

Podcasts are not captioned. This will lead to ADA
lawsuits. Already one deaf person is talking about
filing a lawsuit over these non-captioned podcasts.


— Beethoven learning sign language

Would Beethoven be given an opportunity
to learn sign language? Author Paul Griffiths
has written a fictional novel titled – Mr Beethoven.
It shows Beethoven traveling to USA to learn
sign language. And there is a twist – that he
would be taught Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language!
It is not the same as ASL, by the way. The
author is not deaf.


— Fresh to Deaf in Youngstown, Ohio

Tiffany Hamilton, who is deaf, owns a food stand
titled Fresh to Deaf, in Youngstown, Ohio.
She sells ready-to-go salads and other
healthy meal choices. Her most popular item
is a fruit drink that she mixes in a blender
and is called Sea Moss Water. She even sells
tamarind, an exotic African fruit. She admits
her business is a challenge because people
of Youngstown do not go for health-based
food but for traditional food.


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