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DeafDigest – 20 October 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 21, 2020

— suddenly deaf joins the deaf

Could a suddenly deaf adult feel comfortable
socializing with those that been deaf all
their lives? No, not always – yet there is
a movie – Sound of Metal. It portrays
a suddenly-deaf adult learning ASL and
feeling comfortable with these deaf groups.
Realistic? No. Impossible? It is possible
but not that easy.


— blue instead of white (or yellow)

White and yellow are the common colors
of hearing strobe lights, both for
hearing and for the deaf. But what
about blue strobe lights? The area
around Mount Rainier (in the state of
Washington) has problems dealing with
volcanoes. For that reason, the emergency
people are installing blue strobe lights
to alert residents of these volcanoes.
Why blue instead of white or yellow?
It has been felt that blue strobes would
attract the eyes of the deaf better
than white or yellow.


— deaf writer writes about hearing, not deaf

Deaf authors and writers tend to write about the
deaf, not about the hearing. DeafDigest editor
is no better – always writing about the deaf.
Well, deaf writer Genevieve Barr, who is said
to be a talented writer, was praised for writing
articles about non-deaf issues.


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