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DeafDigest – 06 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 6, 2020

— finally after 6 months at elite university

Yale University is considered elite. Yet it took
Yale six months to establish captions in Zoom
classroom sessions. Why?


— XR software has ignored the deaf

XR software is powerful – used everywhere
either for personal use or for business
use. Yet, XR software developers has been
scolded by the XR Association (an advocacy
group of XR developers) for ignoring the
needs of the deaf. It was the focus of
a newspaper story today.


— adding to a challenge grant

Pink Umbrella Theater is a rookie theatrical
group in Milwaukee. This theater helps the
deaf and the disabled get involved. A
theatrical family has issued a challenge
grant – they will match all donations up
to $10,000 for Zoom captions. This original
challenge was not satisfactory – because it
did not ask for funds for interpreters. This
has since been added to the challenge. A
big concern – $20,000 is not enough for
captions and for interpreters. Eventually
the funds will run out. Back to Square One.


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