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DeafDigest – 10 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 10, 2020

— fifty percent, true or false

A report said that 50 percent of police officer
incidents involve the deaf and the disabled.
Who said that – American Justice advocates!
Let us change the question around – would the
police still attack them if they knew these
people were either deaf or disabled? If the
deaf person repeatedly pointed to his ear
and shouted “deaf, deaf, deaf” would the
attack still take place?


— pros and cons of some election issues

Many hearing people do not understand some
election issues. At least they can listen
to what candidates have to say about these
issues. Yes, there are some deaf people
that do not understand these same election
issues – but more often than not, they do not
have someone telling these these pros and cons
of these issues! And when candidates are vague,
then it is not easy for interpreters to explain
clearly these vague issues!


— a very bored Prince Philip

Prince Philip, the husband of England’s Queen
Elizabeth, was described by a British newspaper,
to be a bored person – and that his boredom has
led to many insulting comments. One such insult,
years ago, was telling the deaf they became
deaf because they listened to a loud, rock music!


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