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DeafDigest – 20 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 20, 2020

— a choice by a hungry deaf driver

All drivers get hungry, and many of them go through
drive-thru to pick up quick, fast food. For a deaf
driver, it is a big choice. Risk humiliation by
drive-thru window person that refuses to serve
them – or – to look for an open parking
spot and to walk into the fast food restaurant
to place an order. Either choice is a hassle!


— highly qualified, MBA marketers that do not know the deaf

Many universities offer MBA programs for hearing people
that want to succeed in the business world. Almost all
of these programs do not explain how to deal with deaf
customers. There are some deaf people that have money
to spend – yet are being ignored when they want to
shop for something!


— remembering Mozzeria

A story today felt bad that Mozzeria (San Francisco)
has closed up. It was mentioned in DeafDigest last
week. In a story that came up today, it was learned
that the deaf owners practiced making pizzas for two
years until it became perfect. Also that they
traveled to Italy to learn how the perfect pizzas
are being made. Plus before the restaurant was
opened, a deaf electrician, deaf wood refinishers
and a deaf woodworker and deaf artists were all
hired to get things ready before the opening
nine years ago.


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