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DeafDigest – 24 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 24, 2020

— hearing people badly need video call captions

It is not just the deaf that badly need video
call captions. It is also the hearing – for
the reason that audio may be bad or audio-only
headphones are not available or that the videos
are made in a noisy environment. So, video captions
is a win-win for both the deaf and the hearing!


— Yes, we have ADA but there is a problem

Covid-19 has forced applicants to apply for
jobs on-line. A deaf applicant said she has
to put down the word – deaf – on all on-line
applications so that voice-only interviews
cannot be conducted. As a result, she has not
received a single phone call. How will
ADA attorneys deal with it – another series
of lawsuits!


— Deaf Ear in Wisconsin

There is a store in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, called
the Deaf Ear. Deafness? No, this store sells
musical records (VHS tapes to vinyl records
and others). Why the Deaf Ear? Is it because
loud music may make music-lovers deaf?


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