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DeafDigest – 26 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 26, 2020

— tall stage tables (lecterns) maybe not deaf friendly

According to New Horzions (the magazine published
by Deaf Seniors of America) deaf ASL speakers
using lecterns (tall stage tables) may not be
deaf-friendly. These lecterns may prevent
deaf in audience from seeing clearly these
ASL signs. Board member Renwick Dayton came
up with a solution, using his carpentry skills
to make new lecterns much more deaf friendly.
Thank you, Dayton!


— Minneapolis tells cops to be “aware”

Minneapolis has allowed cops to enter a house
without knocking on the door if they suspect
criminals trying to hide themselves. What
about deaf occupants of a house that the cops
are trying to enter? The city says that
the police should be “mindful” that the occupants
may be deaf and cannot hear the knocks. Scary?
Very much so. Cops may not realize deaf homes
may have door flashing buttons and may overlook
it or older dogs that may not respond to knocks!


— CI abuse or not a CI abuse

Is it CI abuse if a deaf child is forced to use this
device even if the processor causes pain? This is
what a newspaper story today said!


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