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DeafDigest – 27 November 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 27, 2020

— Bad TV sitcom script; deaf-hearing date

According to a bad “The Big Bang Theory” script,
Raj, who knew no sign language, asked out a
deaf woman on a date. In hopes of making
communications easier, he asked a third person
to come on the date as the “interpreter” despite
not really knowing sign language at all. Raj
could have simply brought with him a notepad
and a pen to communicate with the deaf date.


— people start to notice something missing

Nowadays, people, both deaf and hearing, are
noticing something – that they had not noticed
in the past – a missing interpreter, especially
during Covid-19 press conferences. Possibly
the past missing White House interpreter started
people to notice this thing! Yes, the White
House finally had an interpreter at its
latest conference.


— a wedding forced to be postponed

An interpreter planned to get married one
day. That wedding was postponed – because
of a last minute interpreting assignment.
It was her second postponement for that
same reason. Fortunately she finally
got married later on, on her third
and successful attempt.


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