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DeafDigest – 04 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 4, 2020

— saying that deafness is common

In a newspaper story, a veterinarian said:

Deafness is common in dogs and cats. Some are born
deaf, while others develop hearing loss as they
get older. DeafDigest editor has had dogs for
decades; only one dog he had was deaf – due to
old age!


— open captioned and no one complained

Many hearing people in the movie audience
will complain that open captions were forced
on them. This is the basic reason why movie
houses oppose open captions. Anyway the
“hot” movie – Sound of Metal, was open
captioned and everyone, even these
anti-open captioned people, applauded
it because of the theme involving a
musician who became deaf! Fair not fair
to the deaf? A boring movie will not be
open captioned; a hot movie may be
open captioned!


— a degree from Rutgers leads to a business involving dogs

Kyle Morse, who is deaf, graduated from
Rutgers University, and found employment
in positions that did not satisfy him.
He then established a dog walking business
that not just only walked dogs but babysat
these dogs, plus exercising, boarding
and even non-dog stuff such as watering
plants, picking up mail, house sitting, etc.
About 25 people work for him, and his
territory involves four New Jersey counties!


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