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DeafDigest – 08 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 8, 2020

— special tag at seven American airports

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower has come up with
a special tag to inform airport officials at
seven American airports to inform them of
their deafness, in a discreet way. This would
help avoid unpleasant issues at the check-in
gate. This tag is optional and not required
as it is a personal matter. Why not all
airports, instead of just seven. Perhaps
in due time, it may involve all airports.


— Dictionary group to review the word “deaf” or “Deaf”

The Oxford University Press, which publishes a group of
dictionaries, said they will review how is or what is
the definition of the word “deaf” (or even of “Deaf”).
Never ends – these deaf vs Deaf debates.


— a big ADA trend

A Law Journal ran an article that said ADA is going
through a trend, be it for good or for bad. It said
ADA was shifting from ramps, curbs, elevators,
interpreters, captions to COVID-19 issues, especially
with face masks!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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