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DeafDigest – 10 December 2020


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 10, 2020

— deaf trusted to perfectly cut the diamonds

Diamond-cutting is a stressful profession; make
a wrong cut or a bad cut and thousands of dollars
go to waste. This being said, Schachter & Namdar,
a diamond-cutting company, has 28 deaf cutters
in its employ of 43 professional diamond cutters!
The company said they’re very happy with these
deaf cutters.


— captioner announces new feature – making video calls

Ava, a captioning provider, made this announcement
today, saying that video calls for the deaf will be
part of their upcoming app. Ava also said it will
be 99 percent accurate. Is there such a thing as
99 percent accuracy in human captioning or machine
captioning? DeafDigest editor is skeptical.


— pandemic threatens state’s only deaf social club building

Shenandoah Valley Club of the Deaf, located in Staunton, VA
(the home of Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind) is
the state’s only deaf social club with its own building.
The pandemic has not been kind to the deaf club. Because
of no social events, income flow has stopped – whereas
the building needs upgrades to HVAC, kitchen, bathroom,
flooring, front and back doors and the lighting system.
This club has been in existence since late seventies.
Years ago, deaf social clubs were the bedrock of the
Deaf Community. Not so much any more these days and
it is sad.


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