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DeafDigest – 11 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 11, 2020

— preferring to be called Dummy

There was a newspaper story about Dummy
Hoy. It said he preferred to be called
Dummy instead of William or Bill or even
Billy. There was no such a thing as
Political Correctness in these days!
Different eras carry different attitudes.


— must hear to comment on dangerous intersections

University of Minnesota is paying hearing volunteers
to fill out a survey regarding “knowledge and
perceptions of high-risk intersection roadway
designs.” What about deaf volunteers? The
university is basically saying to forget it.
Discrimination? Yes. ADA violation? Just ask
these disability rights attorneys. Keep in
mind Deaf Eyes is just as good as Hearing Ears!


— deaf patient in one room; interpreter in other room

A deaf patient put in one room; an interpreter is
put in another room. Why? A department of health
spokesperson said:

For safety, we are not able to have the interpreters
in the same room with the doctor

Will the appointment be cancelled if the video has
problems (bad battery; bad video, etc)?

Not a joke. It happened to DeafDigest editor, just
that the hospital was in DC and interpreter in Texas.


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