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DeafDigest – 17 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 17, 2020

— city manager admits technology may be unreliable

A city manager is involved in a lawsuit regarding
a death of a resident. He said that his 911 dispatch
center had to deal with unreliable technology, part
of which dealt with TTY issues! In that particular
issue, his 911 operator guessed (wrongly) that the caller
(hearing) may have used a TTY and it led her to pressing
the wrong key, shutting down the 911 emergency message 
by that hearing person!


— ASL outside of USA and Canada

Is ASL being used outside of USA and Canada?
Don’t know – but there was a press release
issued by a German tech provider doing business
in Hungary, saying it plans to increase ASL
for business outside of USA. Not sure what it
is supposed to mean because deaf people do not
use ASL in their nations!


— 60 year old deaf man finally learning to speak

Is it realistic?

A newspaper headline today said:

Man in silent world for 60 years finally learned to speak

Possible or impossible? Probably impossible!


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