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DeafDigest – 22 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 22, 2020

— a worried hearing author

Will Dean is a worried author. He is currently
writing a series about a deaf detective solving
crimes. Dean is not deaf and he has never had any
experience, nor exposure with the deaf and of the
Deaf Culture. He is worried that deaf critics
may criticize him for writing about the deaf
especially when he knows nothing about the deaf!
So different from Hollywod when hearing actors
are cast in fake-deaf roles and that these producers
do not worry about Deaf Community criticisms!


— to feel sorry for a deaf person

Many hearing people feel sorry for the deaf person
because of their deafness. They think deaf people
are “defective.” Well, we have so many successful
Deaf Stories that these hearing people have never
been made aware of. Did we fail in one thing –
to educate these hearing people that we have
had deaf NFL players, deaf elected public officials,
deaf judges, deaf corporate CEO’s, deaf major
league baseball players, deaf presidents of hearing
universities, deaf real estate tycoons – and so on?
If hearing people know nothing about it, then did we
fail to educate them?


— Zoom vs ADA

Already there are ADA lawsuits about Zoom trying
to charge money for Video Conference Closed Captions!
ADA violation or not ADA violation? Just leave these
to attorneys, judges and juries to sort it all out.


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