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DeafDigest – 23 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 23, 2020

— to make deaf guests happy during Holiday Season

What makes a deaf guest happy during the Holiday
Season? Just turning on the captions on the TV
set at the home of the guest! Yes, Covid-19
issues may make such indoor gatherings impossible!


— a comment by a hearing father of a deaf son

A hearing father said his deaf son was not
permitted to learn sign language (until he
got older) because of these oral education
rules. The truth is that if the deaf son
wanted to learn sign language then he will
(behind the backs of his teachers and his
parents)! This is what DeafDigest editor
did while growing up.


— importance of back up interpreters

Professional interpreters back up each other
at important conferences – switching around
in 15-20 minute intervals. This is not the
only reason for the value of back ups. A
deaf mother brought her hearing daughter
(not an interpreter but fluent in ASL) as
a back up – in case the scheduled interpreter
did not show up for a medical assignment.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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