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DeafDigest – 24 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 24, 2020

— deafness and politics

A deaf man, fed up with USA and now living
in Europe said, in a newspaper interview,
that deafness is full of politics! Well,
CI vs hearing aid; hearing aid vs no hearing
aid; oral vs ASL; deaf school vs mainstream
and so on. But keep in mind, hearing world
is also politics!


— Ridloff said casting is diverse

Actress Lauren Ridloff, who is deaf, has
landed a few prize roles, so far in her
career. She said, in a newspaper interview,
that the acting cast is diverse – people of
color, women, men, and others.

One thing she said is interesting – was that
she is the only “disabled” actor in the cast.

Hallmark has begun to feature hearing wheelchair
actors in some movies! What about the deaf?


— very ugly case in California

Alice Stebbins, not deaf, was assigned to locate
the “missing” $200 million dollars in the
state deaf relay/deaf services fund. As a result
of her hard work, she was fired! The Commissioners
with the California Public Utilities Commission
said that she was guilty of wrong doing. She said
the state is trying to cover it all up. It is
ugly – and just – stay tuned.


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