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DeafDigest – 28 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 28, 2020

— story of a deaf farmer makes it to state’s top farming stories

Some months back DeafDigest ran a piece on deaf farmer
Matt Fry and his deaf wife with two hearing children
successfully operating a grain and cattle farm in Ohio.
This newspaper story made it to the Top 10 agricultural
stories in Ohio for the year 2020.


— “sign language” movie was huge box office flop

A “sign language” movie had an $18 million budget
but only made $2 million, and was branded as a
major flop. It was “The Clan of the Cave Bear”
that was shown in 1986, as a prehistoric theme.
Communication between the characters was by
sign language among these fake-deaf actors.
DeafDigest hopes the next sign language
movie performed by deaf actors will be
a huge financial success.


— child Coda loved doing family interpreting

A newspaper story focused on a Coda, now owning
her interpreting business. She said:

I was the family interpreter for my deaf parents
and my deaf sister. I loved it; felt very blessed
to do the interpreting. But later on while
growing up, I had to take speech therapy because
all I knew was sign language!

Not every Coda feels the same. Some embrace
living in a deaf family; some don’t.


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