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DeafDigest – 29 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 29, 2020

— wearing a mask that says Deaf

Should deaf people wear masks that say Deaf?
This is a personal choice and it is best to
leave it at that. But in the case of one
deaf person, his life was saved during a shopping
mall shooting incident; hearing mall employees
saw the word Deaf and immediately pulled him
into safety. Does DeafDigest editor wear a
mask that says Deaf? No.


— from a viewpoint of a 911 dispatch center

A deaf person may use emergency 911 text to seek
assistance. What many people, including the
deaf, may not realize is that:

dispatchers work 12 hour shifts which gets exhausting

dispatchers may juggle between five calls at one time

dispatchers may also handle the radio

dispatchers may be busy doing paperwork between calls

a dispatch center may only have three dispatchers on duty
at any one time, and it can get overwhelming

dispatchers love their jobs, out of strong sense of service


— the eyes of a hard of hearing person

A hard of hearing person said he stares at
people’s faces – to lip read and to catch
facial expressions. And while he wears a
hearing aid, it does not always catch
every word and every sound. And the
mask wipes it all out!


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