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DeafDigest – 30 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 30, 2020

— Beethoven’s reason for his world’s best music

Did Beethoven have a big reason for his world’s
best music? People still talk about Beethoven
even though he died in 1827, which is 194 years
ago. Music historians said Beethoven, over anger
of his deafness, wanted to use music to explain
it for that reason. Beethoven is one of the three
deaf people that historians remember over the
years – two others were Dummy Hoy and Helen Keller!


— our Super Deaf Heroes

Do we have Super Deaf Heroes?

The late George Johnston, who passed away in 2012,
was a professional deaf performer. One of his favorite
skits was performing as a Super Deaf Hero. He made
many of us laugh. And then John Maucere, the deaf
comedian, who played these Super Deafy roles. And
now this – the Eternals (hearing) is planning
to introduce our “first deaf superhero.” Funny
or not funny? DeafDigest wishes that all of our
deaf people have their own successful lives and
careers! This wish is our Super Deaf Hero.


— Best-kept secret that would help the deaf

Deaf people require captions 24/7 and when there
are no captions or if captions are bad, we get
upset, rightfully so. Anyway there was a
newspaper headline which said:

best-kept secret when it comes to a lucrative career choice

It was to explain to hearing people, seeking
jobs, that they should consider captioning as
their career choice (if they qualify). Yes, they
must attend captioning schools first! Again, if
they qualify after taking these captioning exams.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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