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DeafDigest – 31 December 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 31, 2020

— people-related job or a non-people related job

A deaf man had a goal – to find a job working
with hearing people. The school counselor told
him deaf people cannot work at a people-related
job and must find a job that does not involve
working with people. A discriminatory advice?


— two things interpreters hate

interpreting non-scripted speeches and
too many people in the audience shout
out too many questions at the same time!


— captions too fast or too slow

Captions are supposed to keep up with the
voice audio. Yet there are people that say
captions are too fast for them to read or
that captions are too slow (and fall behind)
while TV action goes on. This will always
be a debate that no one wins.


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