DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 30, 2020

— The Walkman and the deaf

The first Walkman was introduced in Japan in 1979
and quickly became popular. Many deaf people
couldn’t use the Walkman because of the need to
understand the voice. But in a way, it helped the
deaf! For years and years hearing people wrongly
thought all deaf people used earphones, which was
not true. The Walkman showed these hearing
people that they were wrong about it!


— a celebrity forced to subtitle her videos

Paige Turley is a star with “Love Island”
which is a popular British dating reality
TV show. She said she was “forced” to
subtitle her videos so that her deaf fans
could follow her. Forced means bad attitude!
Would she have subtitled if she did not
feel being “forced”? Probably not.


— Drive-in movies suddenly become popular

Years ago many people loved to watch movies
at the drive-in theaters. It was no longer
popular – but it is probably coming back
because of social distancing issues. Will these
drive-in movies be captioned? This issue was
not mentioned in these recent newspaper
stories. Are we seeing a new wave of ADA
lawsuits regarding no drive-in movie captions?


Deaf jobs – latest update

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 29, 2020

— still always a hot issue, deaf actor or fake-deaf actor

DeafDigest editor had a long and interesting series of
discussions with a deaf person who has been long involved
with the entertainment field. Pros and cons, advantages
and disadvantages were discussed. The bottom line, he
said was this:

the real world of casting because acting is a cut-throat business

He is correct.


— first deaf president of a hearing college

DeafDigest mentioned over the weekend that Guilford College’s
president Jane K. Fernandes, who is deaf, will be stepping
down from her current position in 2021. She is not the first
deaf president of a hearing college. That honor goes to
Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard who founded, and served as
president of Columbia University. He served for 25 years.
The Barnard College, part of the Columbia University complex,
is named after him.


— White House announcement not good for the deaf

The White House announced the overhauling of the
Federal Government employment system; priority is to
hire the experienced, as opposed to giving opportunities
to young graduates with college degrees. This may be
scary. For years Schedule A Federal hiring rules was the
option for young deaf people seeking federal employment.
Many deaf people achieved good and long careers in federal
government. Will this continue or not? We shall see how
these new regulations will be written into the revised
government hiring procedures.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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iPhone has an app that helps count
10,000 steps per day for users that want to
exercise and keep their weight down.
It may be funny! A deaf person was
communicating in ASL all morning with
her family and then went out for her walk.
She looked at the walk-counter and it
already showed over 10,000 steps and she
wasn’t even walking, except in her house.
It was realized that the iPhone confused
ASL movement of hands with walking on the