What is something that the deaf people hate
the most?
That hearing people stand behind their backs
(elevators, line at fast food restaurant,
movie ticket windows, etc). Hearing people
try to talk to the deaf person without realizing
they are deaf!
Deaf people hate it the most.


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 28, 2020

— DC Fandome vs Comic-Con

In the world of comic books and action fantasy, there
are two rival organizations – DC Fandome and Comic-Con.
What is the difference between both organizations?
Just one thing – captions and subtitles! DC Fandome
captions everything. Comic-Con doesn’t.


— formal outside training or on-job training

Many employers won’t hire the deaf, saying they
lack formal outside training. They won’t give
the deaf on-job training, yet will give hearing
applicants on-job training!


— Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration doing nothing

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has not been
doing anything to support deaf truck drivers. The same
goes for other trucking organizations, state licensing
agencies and some medical groups – which all say that
the deaf cannot become truck drivers. The deaf are
able to drive trucks right now, but the rights may
be removed – and that is scary.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 27, 2020

— one of best jobs for quiet and shy hearing people

There was a list of 11 best jobs for these quiet
and shy hearing people. #8 on the list is
closed captioner. It stressed that they have to
go to school to learn how to type captions at
blazing speed on a non-typewriter keyboard.


— vibrating¬† and flashing radio alerts

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
is making available these low-cost radios for the
deaf. These radio alerts display emergency warning
messages – that will vibrate in beds and also turn
on strobe lights – ideal for the deaf households.


— college degree but uncomfortable working with hearing

There was a newspaper story about deaf man, getting a college
degree in computer systems, but was always uncomfortable
working with hearing people. They don’t involve him in
technical discussions and technical issues. He is
working in a different job where interaction with the
hearing is minimal.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 26, 2020

— police arrests an important person

A very important person among the deaf is the
interpreter. Andrew Tolman was interpreting for
the deaf during one of these riots in Portland.
And for reasons, no one knows why, he was pushed
to the ground by the police and then arrested.
The big irony was that the arresting police
officer did not know what to charge the
interpreter with. Despite the arrest, the
county District Attorney would not
prosecute people on these vague charges.


— the deaf architects

How many American architects are deaf or hard of
hearing? The American Institute of Architects
said they have 121 members that have hearing
loss. How many of them use ASL? Do not know.


— open captions hard to read at drive ins

Do drive ins show open captioned movies? Do not
know but it was said that it may be possible
these open captions may be hard to read while
sitting in cars. Reason is lights from nearby
cars and nearby buildings!


Deaf jobs – latest update

08/23/20 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at: