Deaf people love to go out and eat – no matter
if it is low cost fast food restaurant or a
bar that serves hamburgers or fancy restaurants.
These deaf people know which restaurants are
caption-friendly and which are not!
What is a Caption Friendly restaurant? Captions
always turned on restaurant TV sets are
Caption Friendly? Restaurants that never turn on
captions are not Caption Friendly!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 30, 2020

— not enough captioners

Deaf people require captions, rightfully so, and
it creates problems for captioning agencies.
There was a short newspaper story about one
captioning company saying they need more
captioners and have trouble finding them


— another deaf with a colorful life

Edward G. Ziegler, Ohio, departed us. He was deaf
but functioned as a hearing person. He held these
various jobs throughout his life – family-owned
businesses, Ohio Department of Transportation, working
his way up from laborer right up to the top as
Special Projects Assistant Superintendent, and then
becoming a County Superintendent and then becoming
a truck driver. In between he was a mechanic and
electrician for a traveling circus group. There
wasn’t anything he couldn’t fix. He simply didn’t
like to work behind a desk.


— making impatient and hungry Marines happy

When Marines are hungry, they get impatient.
Good food makes them happy. And responsible
to making them happy is Kevin Tong, a kitchen
chef. Not only he is deaf but is also
deaf-blind and serves these Marines at a
base in San Diego.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 29, 2020

— Deaf Space or Deaf Friendly

What is Deaf Space? What is Deaf Friendly?
Deaf Space, copied from the original Deaf
House concept, means no walls would block
Deaf Eyes. Deaf House was originated by past
deaf contractor Bernard Brown. Deaf
Friendly means signs in the store that
a deaf customer could point to. A perfect
example would be Subway setting up a “Steak”
sale on the counter instead of high up on the


— in a rush to accommodate

Covid-19 has forced a big accommodation
rush. In this big rush, overlooked are
captions and interpreters. Two of many
examples are legislative meetings and
voting rules being rushed without thought
to interpreters and captions. Leaders
in a big rush do not bother to ask the
deaf for their advice and input. As a
result these hearing leaders get one
big black eye.


— big time mover in Montana

Moving gas stations, commercial buildings,
schools, bridges, etc from one location
to another location is quite a challenge.
Forrest “Scotty” Zion, who passed away
10 years ago at the age of 94, was up
to the task. He had been deaf because
of a childhood illness. And he has been
just nominated for induction into Montana
Cowboy Hall Of Fame & Western Heritage.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 28, 2020

— Coda’s comment

A Coda made this comment in a newspaper
story, as follows:

I can never really know what life looks like
for the deaf even though I have seen for myself
the frustrations the deaf face in everyday life.


— a politician with long list of Deaf Promises

It is rare that a hearing politician has a long
list of Deaf Promises. Maybe a short list,
but certainly not a long list. Well, Charlene Fite,
who is campaigning for re-election for a seat
in Arkansas house of representatives, has a
long list. Her background with deaf? She
taught at a deaf school and has worked with
agencies serving the deaf. Reality – a politician
is a success if just one item on the long list
becomes a law, state politics being what it is!


— best musical instrument for a deaf musician

Taylor McDowell, who is deaf, but functions as a
hearing person, said he tried trumpet, guitar,
and piano – but failed at all of them because
of prolems with frequency pitches. The best
instrument – the drum! He is one of the popular
drummers in the Central New York area.



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