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DeafDigest – 01 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 1, 2021

— best Amazon employees are deaf

The best Amazon employees are deaf!

Not a joke. The Amazon warehouses where employees
locate boxes to ship out to customers, are very
noisy – always boxes creating noises while being
moved around; forklifts going on back and forth
and conveyor belts never stopping, all creating
noises that hearing employees hate. Plus boxes
always falling off the forklifts, and so on.
Noise plus on top of another noise. A deaf
employee said – eyes, not ears, are more important.


— Deaf Beer in a small town

Deaf Beer in a small town? Yes, Sperryville
only has maybe 350 people, and it is located
maybe 75 miles from Washington, DC. And a
new brewery is coming up – the Veditz and Company
Brewing, being set up by four deaf investors.
Veditz? He was a past president of National
Association of the Deaf during the 1900’s and
was one of these “save-ASL pioneers.” Will hearing
people drink Deaf Beer? Yes, if it is the best
beer in the Rappahannock County (Virginia).
Competition? Just two county breweries around.


— deaf dropouts at Hearing Colleges

Hearing students drop out at hearing colleges.
Deaf students also drop out at hearing colleges,
but why do they drop out? Academics? Maybe yes,
maybe no – but there are other issues – social
isolation, problems with interpreters and
captions, bad support services from the college
Disability Support Services department, and so on.
Deaf students need to realize there are always
Gallaudet, SWCD, CSUN and NTID to help with their


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