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DeafDigest – 06 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 6, 2021

— deaf attorney in bedroom all day

DeafDigest editor was chatting (on email) with
a deaf attorney yesterday. Because of Covid-19
he works out of his home – and his office is
located in the family bedroom. He said:

I argued several times remotely (with captioning)
from my bedroom.

He works for a federal government agency in
Washington, DC


— the crashing of the business communication software

Slack is a nationally known business communication
software used by many places of business. It crashed
yesterday. The co-owner of a computer management
company in St Louis, works with his deaf partner.
They communicate all day through Slack, and when it
crashed, they couldn’t communicate with each other.
As a result, they quickly jumped on Google chat,
and the day was saved!


— Conspiracy theory and a famous person

There was a shocking question today in the media.

It asked:
Did Helen Keller Not Exist?

It said that there is a Conspiracy theory that she
never existed as a world-famous deaf-blind person!



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