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DeafDigest – 08 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 8, 2021

— deaf pushing the Georgia votes

One of the most contested campaigns took place
in Georgia – these Warnock vs Loeffler and
the Ossoff vs Perdue double Senate races.
A deaf person helped push people to vote for
Ossoff, and Ossoff won. Some campaign winners
will offer political jobs to election volunteers.
This being said, will the deaf person get a
job with the Ossoff team as a political reward?


— which interpreter – deaf interpreter or hearing interpreter

What is the difference between a Deaf Interpreter and
a Hearing Interpreter? Deaf interpreter uses signs
that are Deaf Culture-based whereas Hearing interpreter
use a different signing style. Which one is best?
Both are bests! Whatever works for the deaf client
is fine. As long as correct signs for certain words
are conveyed, DeafDigest editor is happy.


— Flash: Super Bowl update

As part of the Super Bowl weekend, there is the
Puppy Bowl. Any deaf pups? Yes.

The deaf pups are:

Marshall, a Boston terrier


Fletcher, an American Staffordshire terrier/beagle mix

May the best Deaf Pup win!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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