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DeafDigest – 11 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 11, 2021


— completely misunderstanding a finger-pointing gesture

DeafDigest editor, at a supermarket, carried a tote bag
with him and pointed to it with the check out clerk,
explaining groceries would be bagged inside it. The
clerk thought the request was for paper bags and
charged him for it! No matter how careful a deaf
person would gesture, some hearing people would
totally misunderstand it and add the charge to the bill!
Very frustrating.


— to be deaf or to be hard of hearing or to be a CI

In a newspaper interview, a person with a hearing loss
hinted that there are three categories – deaf; hard of
hearing;  CU user. Since when is a CI being added as
a third hearing loss category? Take off a CI, the person
is deaf; put on a CI, the person could be viewed as
a hearing person?


— a reverse app

A reverse app? In almost all cases, deaf people use
speech to text app to try to communicate with the
hearing. A hospital is using this very same app
in reverse – to allow its deaf staffers communicate
with hearing patients!


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