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DeafDigest – 18 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 18, 2021

— a trick to avoid credit card machine incidents

It seems there are always new technology with the
credit card machines that makes current store
machines obsolete. Clerks would voice out which
credit card machine (out of 2 or 3 on the counter)
to use. Deaf people cannot hear voice and may
insert their credit cards into wrong machine,
creating ugly incidents with the clerks. The
trick is to delay inserting the credit card,
allowing the clerk to point to the correct
machine to use! Works for DeafDigest editor.


— On the Waterfront; 1954 film vs 2021 film

The famous movie “On the Waterfront” that was
filmed in 1954, was shown again on TV
yesterday. The 1954 movie had no subtitles
(captions weren’t invented yet) whereas
yesterday’s movie was captioned. Deaf people
loved the 1954 movie for one reason – a lot
of action, despite not understanding the plot.
67 years later, these same deaf people finally
understood the plot (union issues leading to


— Massachusetts hires a new director

Opeoluwa Sotonwa is the new director of the
Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard
of Hearing. This position had been vacant for
some time. DeafDigest editor, years ago
remembers an event in western Massachusetts.
The past state director attended the event
and the local deaf leaders were excited
about it, expecting to have a private
face to face meeting to discuss local
deaf-related issues. Unfortunately, due
to a personal emergency, the director
had to leave the event to go home
(in eastern part of the state). This
early departure left the local leaders
very disappointed.


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